Wednesday, December 5, 2007


Yes, thats the one and only Daniel Kim sporting some 10 Deep gear. You can find the rest of the new line and some more DK photos on the 10 DEEP website.

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Sunday, November 25, 2007

Jeremy Murray is a dick

Crunch time for the shop video is here! For those that don't know, Malcom X is drained and skateable.. Here is some random footage from today while filming for 'Mumbo Sauce'. Note: Jeremy is being a dick bc Brendan racked footage today and he got none..
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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

When Kids Attack

The other day when I was in the shop and team rider Jeremy Murray was having fun with stickers. This ended up with Jay having a back full of stickers without even noticing. Before he did notice I managed to capture this cellphone pic.

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Ricky you never told me..

you were on a cover of a book.

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Thursday, November 8, 2007

Board Collections - Evan Hecox

There's just something about certain artists and skateboard graphics. It's so hard not to skate a board for me, even if I have a new one set up already. I love the whole set up process. I've done my time share of working the skate shop and getting Sick of setting up boards and taking grip tape off little kids decks...Raw hands from the grip and all that...But I love new decks, new grip and razor blades...cutting the grip perfect, no air bubbles and feeling that brand new sticky on the feet! Love IT Man!
This pic is more about not putting the board together but just looking at the imagery. I use to have a hefty collection of decks, things get hard and you loose a few and you will always think"WHAT AN IDIOT! - I wasn't thinking" This series below is one of those that isn't going anywhere. It reminds me of being a little kid and looking at the decks and just tripping on the coolness of the graphics. People always gotta say, "it gets scratched off anyway man..." but the fact that it's under those tricks I did, is still in my head and it gives me that inside, mental hype when I look down at my board...kinda like a pair of skate shoes you really love shredding in...The might be beat up, but they give you a skate boost of some sort, then that's the feeling... Well, I just had to post this board collection i just bought. My wife is a cool artist so she would fight me if I set one of these up, so they won't be going anywhere...Cause I could easily set one up and go skate it...I like good shapes and good graphics that's just me...That's the skate kid in me.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

P5 New Eras

Clean! Nice...Well I like it, I mean come on man...Just like shoes, you can't ever have too many hats. Right...?


SAW THIS DUDE DOWN THE STREET FROM MY HOUSE THE OTHER DAY IN BK. I didn't know who he was...He was up in a MISHKA "popUp shop". Funny thing is sometimes you notice someone
in the street or see them somewhere and you get this feeling, "That person is someone with a niche OR skill..." whatever it may be. I see the dude around alot, here and there in the streets. It's only when you keep running into someone alot that you just want to go, "What up"...Maybe it's the way they present themselves and act.
But I will say when I heard him just talking with the cat running the register he was super cool, some random people came in looking for these collectible toys(muscles) and he was all polite and giving directions to find them...Kind dude, you could just tell.

To end this explanation and post - You can always tell who the cats are that are really doing their thing and the ones who are doing A thing...People doing A thing have chips on the shoulders and act retarded..those just doing their thing are just happy to be doing their thing... Who Cares about acting like a cool idiot, you know the ones. Just Be humble, be kind, say "what ups", Hello and be nice to someone...never know who you might be saying hello to.
- SC

Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Hit us up at 14th & Florida and cop that!!


Monday October 29th is the Birdhouse premiere at Palace 5ive. Bunch of the dudes are gonna come threw including our own team rider Shaun Gregoire which will have a full part in the flick. If you aren't interested then peep the trailier below.

Friday, October 19, 2007


Team rider George Hanuschak from PALACE 5IVE/ELITE BOARDSHOP has a fresh interview up on Look out for footage of him in 'MUMBO SAUCE' which should be dropping in the next few months. In the meantime click the image below to peep the interview.

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Thursday, October 11, 2007


Just Some picks from DGK + RED BULL + P5 demo!
Along with Many others in the Palace as well...


Wednesday October 10, 2007
This Friday come check out the DC premere of Static 3 at 9PM.

New Creative Recs: The Ponti in Black/Red, The Cesario in Camel Nubuck, Marron, and Marron/Grape/Yellow, and the Dicoco in Black/Grape/Turquois.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Check It!

New Tees from DC's own Durkl. Styles include Gears in Black and Teal, Kids with Guns in White, Crooked Rain Hat in Orange, SnakeDurkl in White, Pump it up in Neon Yellow, UpsiDurkl in Royal, Crooked Rain in Royal, and Mad Science in Purple.

New Hats From Reason Splash in Raspberry and Kiwi New Era, New Wave New Era, No Pattern X Reason New Era,

Blue Tinsel, and Gucci 5 Panel.