Thursday, February 5, 2009

It May Be Cold Outside, But Its All Heat At P5

February Nike SB & Apparel / Spring Hundreds Available Now!

First Up Nike SB:
Dunk Low Pro "Goofy Boy"

Dunk Mid Premium "Goofy Boy"

P-Rod II "Cadbury"

Zoom Air Harbor

Blazer Low

Zoom Tre A.D.

Nike SB Apparel:
Icon Snapbacks

Coaches Jacket

Icon Plaid Tees

Shoes Tee

The Hundreds Spring:
"Player" Snapback in Black, Purple, & Grey

"Corners Cap" Snapback in Red, Purple, & Black

"Rowdy" Snapback Red, Green, & Black

"Painter" Snapback in Black & Navy

"Panda" Shorts in Green, Black, & Purple

"Adam Box Logo" Tee in Black & Heather

"Adam Logo" Tee in Black, Green, & White

"Alma Mater" Tee in Black & Heather

"Idea Generators" Tee in Black

"Loca" Tee in Black, Blue, & Heather

"Muerte" Tee in Black, White, & Yellow

"Plates" Tee in Red, Heather, & Black

"Primitive" Tee in Yellow, Black, & Purple

"Runnin" Tee in Red & Blue

"ZZZ" tee in Black & Yellow

"Extra" Tee in Black & Heather

"Dune" Tee in Black - "HotRod" Tee in White/Black - "Robinson" Tee in Black

"Snakes" Tee in Black - "Trashy" Tee in Blue - "Blind" Tee in Black (Also avail. in Purple - Not Pictured)

"Victoria" Tee in Purple - "Scanner" Tee in Purple - "Victoria" Tee in Black

"Amy" in Purple - "Gotta" in Green - "Capper" in Black

"Tusks" in Green & Black

"Couch" Crew in Red & Black

"Detach" in Heather

"Eugene" Jacket in Black

"Tracy" in Black, Green, & Grey

"Ender" Jacket in Black, Purple, & Grey

Call 202.299.9008 For Availability Or Phone Order.