Wednesday, February 6, 2008


Words: Bradley Rosado Photo: Diego Valdez

What set you rep?

Where are you originally from?
I was born in DC, raised in Maryland.

What's up with you skating your boards backwards?
Well when I first started skating it made more since becauce I though I'd get more pop by skating the nose. I guess it works but it a bad habit that never went away.

You are working on some board graphics for Catalyst, what is that going to be like?
The board that I'm working on is this Beatles Ringo picture I've been drawing that mad from dots. Sounds kinda weird but I think it's dope. Hopefully I can finish it. I think it would get people hyped! Who doesn't love the Beatles?

Got any comments on Daniel Kim?
DK has 2 sides; The Blackest Gangsta Asain dude ever..and the pro beer pong dude. I've grown to accept both of them..but whether he is doing keg stands at GMU or robbing dudes for there gold chains, he can still sw flip over your head and thats the bottom line.

What's you chillin to on your ipod at the moment?
Most of my songs are Lil' Wayne joints but I have some other stuf like Biggie, BlondE Redhead, Tapes n Tapes, Common, The Beatles, Wu-tang. I'm down with a lot music for the most part.

What's the story behind the Mumbo Sauce video?
It's the Elite/Palace 5ive's new video. It's named after Mumbo Sauce which is a famous sauce that You can only get in the DC area that you pick up from the carry out spots like Yums and Georges. The sauce is hella good, hopefully you feel the same way about the video....

Is there no love in the heart of the city?
There is some love, just not too much. It's more hating than anything...For some people downtown if there not skating, there lurking and hating on dudes or talking some shit. But that's just how things are in skateboarding now. People rather talk about skating than actually skate.. If you don't know what I mean look at Slap Messageboard and you will be filled in on all the bullshit...

Check out Jeremy in the upcoming shop video titled 'Mumbo Sauce' dropping soon!