Saturday, January 10, 2009

President Obama To Endorse Palace 5ive

As you may or may not have heard, Mayor Fenty & President Elect Obama were out on the town today. Fenty was showing our newest President around the town and and taking him to all the local hotspots. When Barack asked Fenty where he could cop a pair of tight kicks and a fresh new set up to skate the white house pool Fenty replied "There's only one place in DC worthy of your presense Mr President. That place is called Palace 5ive." Barrack kicked it for a while, picked out some fresh SB's and a fresh Roskopp Re-Issue. Afterwards Barrack asked me where he could go to get a good Half Smoke. I told him to head down to Ben's Chili Bowl and tell them that P5 sent him. Unfortunately by then word had gotten out that President Obama was in the area and the paparazzi swarmed in like animals.

Example 1:

Mr. President, next time you need to pick something up just give us a call. We'll keep the paparazzi out of your face. I could even drop it by your new house on my way home. Same address right?