Thursday, December 3, 2009


  DeLorean Motor Company was founded in 1975 by John DeLorean. Although the company only produced one model, the notorious DMC-12, and went bankrupt in 1982, the DMC name still rings a bell whenever it's mentioned.
  The DMC-12, with its gullwing doors and stainless steel frame, was designed to be a stand out in the midst of 1980's automotive monotony. The sleek futuristic appearance and heavy weight frame were designed to appeal to a higher income clientele, and during the time of John DeLorean ('81 to '82) there were only about 9,000 of these bad boys produced.
  The car's popularity grew to unforseen heights after the demise of the company due to the release of Back to the Future (1985).
  One would think that with the exclusivity and overall bad ass appeal that the car provides, those in the market searching for a pussy magnet would have purchased the car as soon as it was available; unfortunately, the DMC-12 didn't do to well. As it turns out, stainless steel frames are extremely expensive to manufacture and the profit-loss ratio over time was not leaning in favor of profits for the DMC. Long story short, the company was going bankrupt and John DeLorean got it in his head that it would be a great idea to lobby the British government for aid (think bailout). Ultimately his request was refused unless he was able to find a matching amount from other investors, so he went on the hunt for investors. He was then approached by some FBI agents who coerced him into smuggling 24 million dollars worth of cocaine into the US; in a twist of fate, they then had the nerve to arrest him and charge him with conspiracy. Of course he was acquitted, and eventually retired to New Jersey where he died of a stroke in 2005.
  The legacy of the DMC continues on today through enthusiasts all over the world. The Hundreds is doing their part in helping carry on the legend of John DeLorean's dream with these hot new items. Check 'em out...
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