Thursday, April 22, 2010


New from Vans Syndicate comes the military inspired DEVGRU spec. Check out what Vans has to say about it below:
"The DEVGRU Spec has been initiated by Syndicate to clearly define all product technology and house the feature benefit story. As materials, applications, impact/boardfeel technologies evolve at VANS they will be researched and developed thoroughly then given the DEVGRU specification so skaters clearly know what they are getting."
So basically anything with the DEVGRU label is built tough as SH*T to withstand anything you're going to put it through either on the board or in the club, so chew on that!
TNT II Mid Cup "DEVGRU" in Crye MultiCam
MultiCam® is a single camouflage pattern designed to help the wearer hide in varied environments, seasons, elevations, and light conditions. It was designed to address the real-world need for concealment in different environments, with one basic kit of gear. While there are many great location-specific patterns, MultiCam® is designed to work well across a very broad range of environmental conditions when observed in both the visual and near Infra Red (night vision) spectrums.
TNT Mid Cup "DEVGRU" in Ballistic Cordura (also featured on the P5ive Vans Shoe
Also featuring TecTuff Bulletproof Leather overlays. Weartest approved. CORDURA® underlays: "How a uniform performs is crucial to a soldier’s success on the battlefield. And it all begins from the ground up with boots that can handle everything and anything. Desert heat. Mountain snow. Swamps. Marshes. Combat. The unpredictable. The unimaginable. Military boots made with CORDURA® fabrics have been there and done it all - with exemplary results. Battle-tested and proven, they’re rugged, comfortable and absolutely necessary.
All DEVGRU Spec shoes will feature:
- Outlast® temperature regulating linings that keep the foot cool when it's hot/muggy and warm and dry when it's cold and raining outside. VANS is the first company in the industry to use Outlast® in skateboard shoes.
- EVA midsole heel cartridge. Lightweight heel protection.
- BoardFeel XD construction. Best balance of feel, durability, and grip. (Molded “waffle” cupsole)
- PU footbed with ImpactSorb™ Durable cushioning that prevents heel bruising.
All on the seriously crafted tip! Jesus!
Cons drops a new colorway in the Pappalardo in Cranberry suede
New Decks from Girl / Chocolate:
Got a bunch of new jams from DLXSF.