Saturday, July 31, 2010


Jumping straight into things, Deluxe SF comes out swinging with their back to school shipment of hardgoods and apparel. If you ask us, they hit a grand slam this time around. Peep...
Spitfire/Dickies Pant in Black
Spitfire Drifter Beanie in Black & Red
Spitfire Trespass Messenger Bag
Spitfire Biggerhead Backpack in Black & Spitfire Multihead Laptop Sleeve in Black
Anti-Hero It's The Wood Crew Neck in Heather Grey
Anti-hero Oakland A's Flannel in Green/Yellow
Krooked/Chrome Messenger Bag in Black
Krooked Logo Full Zip Hoodie in Black
Krooked 15 Seconds Tee in Black & Krome Tee in Black
Krooked 15 Seconds Beanie in Orange & Black
Krooked Big Eyes Belt in Green/Black
Krooked Tortoise Sunglasses in Black/White
Krooked Wood
Real & Anti-Hero Wood
We'll leave you with the first silhouette shipped out of the new HUF Footwear line. With more styles soon to come, don't sleep...If you do, you won't be able to brag to all your friends about how you were "the first one in DC with HUF shoes on" or how it was you who "made it hot to wear HUF shoes". You wouldn't want to be one who jumped on the bandwagon late, would you?
Genuine in Navy
Thanks for reading. See you at the shop!