Thursday, August 12, 2010


Palace 5ive is proud to be the first to bring Herschel Supply Co. to the DC area. Herschel Supply Co. was started in the early 1900's as a barrel manufacturer in the small Canadian town of Herschel pop. 30. More than a century later, this family owned business is manufacturing bags and backpacks instead of barrels, but their goal remains the same; to bring well-designed, quality built product to market. Drawing inspiration from vintage mountaineering, American heritage, world travel, and fashion, Herschel re-invents the classics with modern shapes, fits and feels, and a fine regard for detail. Just in time for Back to School!
"Novel" & "Study" in Black
"Classic" in Red & Navy
"Classic" in White & Black
"Heritage" in White & Red
"Pop Quiz" in Red & White
"Village" in Navy & Black/Tan
"Zippo" in Navy & "Village" in Black
While we're at it, we got a re-stock on some Snapbacks from our friends over at The Hundreds
"Team Snapback" in Grey, Teal, & Black
"Show Snapbacks" in Yellow, Blue, & Grey
"Player Snapbacks" in Black & Purple
New DGK Wood
New wood from Expedition One
Just a few more weeks of Summer left, so get off the computer and get out there and do something!