Wednesday, September 22, 2010


As the weather slowly transitions from the heat of Summer to the breezy, mild Autumn, we'll have everything to help make your transition from v-neck tees and cut-off shorts to light cardigans and beanies go without a hitch. Our vendors are making it extremely easy for us, so we'd like to reciprocate it to you.
First up, DGK's Fall outerwear line is a clear statement to the rest of the hard-goods skate companies out there..."Step ya game up!"
Sidelines Jacket in Black/Purple & Classic Hoodie in Navy/White
Big Bold Hoodie in Black/White/Red & All Day Crew Sweater in Heather Grey/Purple/Black
Script Hoodie in Heather Grey & Black
Frisco Beanie in Grey, Manhattan Beanie in Black & Frisco Beanie in Black
Haters Beanies in Red, Grey & Black
Up next...These two pieces by Stussy are stunning...Stunning simplicity & style must be what the 3 s's in Stussy are for...
Box Hoodie in Heather Grey
Shacket in Khaki
RVCA sneaks in with this piece...
Chaunsey in Charcoal Heather (Wool outer / Quilted lining)
Creature Skateboards finishes the email with their "The Last Laugh" series by artist, Munk One. First one to respond to this email with the correct names of all of the deceased comedians on these boards gets 10% off any one item that they want in the store (excluding the product in this email, of course)...Good luck!!
Team Large (8.6x32.35), Stu Graham (8.8x32.5), Sam Hitz (8.375x31.9), Darren Navarrette (8.25x31.7)
Team Small (8.0x31.75), David Gravette (8.0x31.75), Al Partanen (8.2x31.7), Neil Heddings (8.0x31.75)
Thanks for reading. See you at the shop.