Monday, May 31, 2010


Got a fresh new load of Vintage Sunglasses. Just in time for this Summer Sun! These will become available online later in the week, but if you need em sooner, call the shop for phone order.
Carrera 5493's in Black/Gold
Re-Stock on the Cazal 647 in Blue / Silver
Dior 2504 in Tortoise & Dark Tortoise
Dior 2514 in Black / Silver
Dior 2561 in Black, Light Tortoise, & Dark Tortoise
Dior 2563 in Light Tortoise
Dior 2579 Tortoise / Black
Gucci 1301 in Marble / Chrome
Gucci 2202 in Burgundy
Christian Lacroix 7318 in Black / Gold
Playboy 4593 in Amber / Gold
Playboy 4594 in Amber / Gold
Playboy 4608 in Black / Black Fade
Playboy 4663 in Tortoise
Playboy 4672 in Black / Yellow
Porsche 5636 in Black / Gold
Porsche 5657 in Chrome / Black with Clear Snap-in Lenses
Yves Saint Laurent 81290 in Black / Gold
There are still a few hours left in the Memorial Day Sale, we've got the rest of the Tees from The Hundreds out, and a few more $25 Shoes, so if you can nurse your hangover out of the house before 6PM tonight, come on by and say what's up! Big thanks to our P5ive Family that came out to support of the sale. We had a great weekend, and it always makes me happy when we have events like this and get see everyone. Thank You for your support!
Special thanks go out to our Men and Women of the United States Armed Forces and all of their fallen brethren. Thank You for your service!