Thursday, June 3, 2010


This week our boys from THE HUNDREDS bring you a special summertime treat to help you stay cool in the hot weather...
Bizarro Adam Tank in Black & White
The guys from DURKL hand delivered this shipment of their summer goods right to us. Fresh t-shirts, snapback hats AND a messanger bag??!! Yeah, they've got you covered...
Heart Of The Sun in Blue & Durkl Logo in Red
Guess Durkl in Black & This Durkls For You in Red
Choctaw Snap Back in Teal & Pink
Ortlieb Messanger Bag in Blue / Red
Up next, it looks like Stevie Williams and the DGK crew have been in the lab cooking up some dope ass designs for you and yours. Who said hard work doesn't pay off?...
Ghetto Pop in Turquoise & Black
Biters in White & Black
Sugar High in Royal Blue
Finally, we have DEATHWISH & SHAKE JUNT apparel and accessories. Loads of great stuff here. The Baker Boys have been working hard to keep you looking fresh to death AND prepared for your summertime mini-ramp sessions. Trust us, from koozies to bottle openers, they've got all bases covered...
Wussup Haters 2 in Black
40oz in Black & Stacks in Black
Street Gang Poncho in Light Khaki
SJ Logo Snap Back in Black
Shake Junt Logo Snap Back in Black
Shake Junt Sunglasses
Deathwish Sunglasses
Deathwish Evil Knievel Beer Koozie, Shake Junt Chicken Bone Beer Koozie & Shake Junt Bottle Opener
Shake Junt OG's Bearings (Abec 5) & Shake Junt Triple OG's Bearings (Abec 7)
Thanks for reading! See you at the shop.